A Job Seeker’s Guide to Modern Business Customs: The Importance of a Handshake During Your Job Search

Thirty years ago the rules of business were very straightforward. Professionals were expected to be at work by 8:00 AM wearing a suit. Personal problems were left at home and the workplace was solely designed for one thing: work. In today’s professional landscape of ‘startup casual,’ flexible work hours, hugs instead of handshakes, and bring your dog to work, the lines have blurred as professional “standards” transform in front of us to attract professional talent of younger generations entering the workforce. So how do modern business customs impact your job search?

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3 Ways Dogs Improve Corporate Culture and Workplace Productivity

What are the benefits of bringing your dog to work? Here are three ways dogs improve employee engagement and productivity.

You have an interview today. Not just any interview either. This is an interview for your dream job. Landing an opportunity such as this is key to demonstrating […]

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5 Tips for Working Moms on Mother’s Day

What are working moms in need of most? Support. Here are 5 tips to being a working mom from working moms just like you.  

Although some employers feel as though the boundary between a woman’s work and personal life is a clear one, we are firm believers that as a mom, maintaining that boundary […]

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8 10-Minute To-Do’s to Prepare Public Accountants for a Job Search During Busy Season

Are you ready to make a move from public accounting to industry but waiting for the end of busy season? Get ahead of your competition and begin preparing for your job search now with these 8 10-minute to-dos.

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A Busy Season Story You Can Relate To #SurvivingBusySeason

If you have ever worked in public accounting, you know all too well January through April are in fact the longest months of the year. No, we are not referring to shorter amounts of daylight and gloomy winter weather. We are talking about what accountants call “busy season.” What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during “busy season”? Here’s our most memorable story from Manager, Ronda Burchard.

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Not Just The Number Crunchers: The Uncovered Hobbies and Talents of Greater St. Louis Area Financial Professionals

As a financial and accounting recruitment firm, Burchard & Associates focuses on one thing: People.

Every day, we meet with members of the St. Louis financial community. We learn why they want to make a move in their career, the qualities they are looking for in a company and peers, and why they decided to enter the financial industry […]

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Digital Detox: What It Is And How To Achieve It

See if this scene feels familiar: Your phone alarm goes off, and you immediately turn it off only to fire up your email app. You scroll and you scroll, and eventually you switch apps to scroll some more.

You eventually hop out of bed and put on your favorite podcast as you are getting ready. Once you sit down […]

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Keeping Your Work Sanity During the Holidays


The end of the year can feel like a mad sprint to the finish line. Between various holidays, family get-togethers and crowds everywhere you look, stress levels can easily rise. And that’s before you factor your work into the equation!

In order to stay calm, cool and collected both in and […]

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3 Questions To Keep In Your Back Pocket at Job Interviews


There are a couple of givens when it comes to preparing for job interviews. You research the role for which you are applying and to whom you will be speaking; you prepare your answers to questions you might get; and you ensure your resume is in tip-top shape.

This is, of […]

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