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Make It or Break It

It’s a war out there—figuratively, of course. Job seekers and hiring managers are battling tooth and nail to come out on top. Recruiters want to hire the best candidates and candidates are battling to be the best prospect. The pool of candidates, although substantial, lacks volume when it comes to experience. It is our job as recruiters to not only attract, but also retain the best candidates for your industry.

How do we make that happen?

In short, we find the “needle in the haystack”. Essentially, it takes finding the correct candidate for employers. In order to remain successful in our industry, we have several steps to ensure we have an effective recruiting process. Several of our key steps include:

  • Phone screening
  • Reference checking
  • Educating our prospects
  • Knowing our target audience
  • Understanding the target’s needs
  • Following a model that identifies which target is the right fit

Our process can make or break a company. Without efficient employees, a company cannot function effectively. If you are exhausted from the trials of finding the right candidates for your company, contact us and we will happily meet your recruiting needs!

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