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Surveys Reveal What Job Seekers Want in 2022

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If you’re having trouble finding candidates for your open positions, the results of recent job seeker and employee surveys could help identify why you’re having problems attracting top talent. 

These surveys are revealing what matters most to workers in 2022. Here’s what the surveys discovered:

Almost All Employees Are Expecting a Raise

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 89% of employees are expecting an annual pay increase in 2022. 

“In our most recent survey, the data shows that worker expectations are shifting right alongside inflation. Americans are looking for a larger than average annual pay raise at the same time we’re seeing an increase in the price of consumer goods and services,” said Susan Arthur, CEO of CareerBuilder. “Folks want to be able to earn a salary that matches the rising gas prices or hike in rent, for example.”

Almost half (46%) of those surveyed expect a raise of at least 5%, and 16% want a raise of 10% or more. 

Money More Important than Time Off

If you’re trying to retain your top talent in this competitive labor market, offering substantial pay increases will serve you better than providing more paid time off. According to the CareerBuilder survey, when given the choice between a 10% pay increase or an extra week of paid time off, 66% prefer the pay raise. 

Higher Compensation the Main Reason Workers are Looking to Leave

It’s clear that money is at the top of mind for many employees. And if they aren’t getting the pay they think they deserve, they may choose to look for a new opportunity. 

According to the 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report by Jobvite, higher compensation was the top reason (27%) workers are looking for a new job. Other reasons for looking for a new job included growth opportunities (20%), flexibility to work from home (16%), work/life balance (16%), and health benefits (15%).

Additionally, 49% of workers said they believed they could make more money simply by changing jobs. 

Job Seekers Looking for a Positive Candidate Experience

If compensation isn’t the reason you’re not attracting top talent to your organization, a poor candidate experience could be to blame. 

So what creates a positive candidate experience? According to the Job Seeker Nation Report, the following are the main things an employer can do to create a positive candidate experience:

  • Make it easy to schedule an interview – 52% 
  • Simple job application process – 51% 
  • Good communication, including prompt feedback and follow-up – 47% 
  • Quick hiring process – 35% 
  • Right amount of personal conversation during the interview – 34% 

When scheduling an interview, 56% of workers who received a text message to schedule an interview preferred this method over email or phone calls. 

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