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3 Ways the Pandemic Has Transformed the Job Market in 2021


The pandemic has dramatically changed many aspects of our lives. It should come as no surprise that the job market has been greatly influenced by the pandemic as well. 

To get a clear picture of just how significantly the pandemic has affected the job market, software company Jobvite surveyed approximately 1,500 adults roughly one year after the pandemic. The results of their Job Seeker Nation Report highlight some of the problems professionals are grappling with and the challenges employers face in recruiting talent. 

Finding a new job is more stressful than before 

Looking for a new career opportunity has always been stressful, but in the midst of the pandemic, 64% of job seekers are finding it more stressful than before. Not surprisingly, 55% of those with children say having their kids at home during the pandemic is their biggest stressor. Not only is looking for a job more difficult, but the fear of COVID-19 has also added to the anxiety of job hunting. Almost half (40%) said catching COVDI-19 during the job seeking process is their biggest stressor.

Remote work opportunities are more important 

Millions of Americans abruptly began working remotely in 2020. And judging by the results of the Jobvite survey, most workers would like to continue working remote in some form. In fact, companies that don’t continue to offer work-from-home opportunities could hurt their recruiting efforts. 

Most professionals (74%) say remote work opportunities are very important or somewhat important when accepting a new job. The ability to work remotely is especially important for people with kids, with 47% citing it as very important. 

Employers should especially take note that 35% of professionals say they have declined or would decline a job that required them to work in the office full time. Many (30%) would prefer to work from home full time, while almost a quarter (24%) prefer a hybrid model.  

COVID-19 safety measures important 

As we hopefully near the end of the pandemic, many workers are still very concerned about their health and want to see COVID-19 precautions in place. While compensation remains the biggest factor for job seekers when considering a new position, 23% cite COVID-19 safety measures as the most important factor. 

More than half (58%) would decline a job offer if the employer didn’t employ COVID-19 safety protocols, and 55% said they would decline a job offer if the employer didn’t require masks in the workplace. Almost half (49%) also think employers should require their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, while 36% disagree. 

Moving Forward in 2021

The results of this survey highlight some actions employers should take when recruiting and hiring in 2021:

  • Those offering remote work opportunities will be better positioned to attract and retain top talent in 2021
  • Ensure your organization is taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions in the workplace
  • Clearly communicate the actions your company is taking to ensure the safety of your employees

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