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4 Workplace Trends to Watch in 2021


The coronavirus upended our lives in 2020, causing dramatic and unforeseen changes in the workplace. Though last year proved that predicting workplace trends for the coming year isn’t always easy, here are four workplace trends you can expect to see in 2021.

Remote Work Will Continue

Due to the pandemic, most white-collar professionals moved from the office to working from home in 2020, and many large companies have no plans to return to the office any time soon. Not only are employers making work-from-home an option for the foreseeable future, but many employees also prefer remote work. According to a recent Gallup poll, 65% of workers said they want to work from home because of coronavirus concerns or because they simply prefer it to working in the office. Once most Americans are vaccinated, look for a shift away from remote work and back to the office.

Diversity Focus

Diversity in the workplace will be a big topic in 2021. According to a recent survey by Monster, 86% of candidates say diversity in the workplace is important to them. The same survey found that 62% of workers would turn down a job offer if they felt the company’s culture didn’t support a diverse workplace. If employers want to attract top talent in 2021, especially Millennials and Gen Z, they should make workplace diversity a priority.

Career Changes

As the pandemic continues, more companies may be forced to layoff employees in 2021. Not only could job losses continue, but companies may also be slow to hire until the pandemic is under control and there is more economic stability. With many out of work or unable to find work in their industry, look for an increase in career changes in 2021. Professionals may look to build their skills and earn graduate degrees or certifications in order to try and move their careers to an industry with more job opportunities. 

Boomers Retiring Early

According to Pew Research, the Boomer generation is retiring at a faster rate than in years previous. Fed up with the professional challenges posed by the pandemic, many Boomers have decided to retire early. The effect this will have on the job market has yet to be seen. Either companies will have more available jobs as they attempt to fill the positions vacated by Boomers, or they will attempt to make do with what they have and forgo filling these positions. No matter what happens, you can count on the trend of Boomers retiring early to continue in 2021.

With the unforeseen workplace changes that took place in 2020, here’s to hoping 2021 brings a little more stability. 

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