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How to Attract Top Talent During COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has upended professional life in a lot of ways. Many people have been working from home the past several months, and unfortunately, some businesses have been forced to shut their doors permanently. 

Although the pandemic has created its share of hardships, there are still many companies that are hiring.

If you’re one of the lucky employers who needs to hire despite all the problems created by the pandemic, you should be immensely thankful. But before you celebrate, you first need to recruit and hire the best talent possible for your open positions. 

How can you ensure you are attracting top tier talent amid a global pandemic? Here are some strategies for attracting top talent in the face of COVID-19.

Explain your COVID-19 precautions

According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 28 percent of employees say their employer has done nothing in response to COVID. If the top talent you’re seeking is dissatisfied with their current employer’s response to COVID-19, you have an opportunity to attract these professionals by demonstrating the precautions your company is taking. 

Whether you are working remotely, requiring masks in the office, or implementing social distancing in the office, make sure to include mention of your coronavirus precautions in your recruiting and hiring efforts. 

Offer Remote Work

Even though concerns about COVID persist, many companies have done away with remote work and are back in the office. Though there are certainly those who prefer working in the office, 67 percent of employees support working remotely during the pandemic.

Those that have been forced to go back to the office may be looking for another opportunity that offers remote work. If your company is looking to hire, and your team is working from home, this could be a great opportunity for you to attract those who value remote work during the pandemic. As you promote your available opportunities, make sure to include that your team is working remote until the pandemic is under control. 

Provide Additional Paid Sick Leave 

Many employees are understandably concerned about what would happen with their job if they contract the virus and are forced to take at least two weeks off from work. These professionals want to make sure they have enough paid time off to cover an extended leave of absence. But only 16 percent of employees say their companies offered additional paid sick leave in the face of COVID-19. 

If your company is offering additional paid sick leave during the pandemic, you have an edge over the competition when it comes to attracting and hiring talent. If your company has yet to offer extra days off if someone contracts the virus, consider adding that to your benefits package in order to make your available positions more attractive to job seekers.

Target Passive Job Seekers

According to LinkedIn, 70 percent of the workforce is made up of passive job seekers. Who are passive job seekers? Many times, they are the best talent out there. Since they are often highly sought after talent, they are likely already employed and not actively looking to make a career move. But if the right opportunity comes along, most are willing to take a new position. 

If they are not actively looking for a new job, how can you attract these talented professionals? You could post your opening on a job board on the off chance a passive job seeker will see it, but the best way to reach passive candidates is to work with a recruiting firm. Staffing agencies like Burchard & Associates have extensive networks of talented professionals, many of whom are currently employed. Reaching these candidates can be nearly impossible without someone initiating the conversation. Recruiting firms can help by bringing the opportunity to their attention. 


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