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4 Tips for Finding a New Job in 2020


If you’re feeling stuck in your career, the beginning of the new year is a perfect time for a career change. And considering the current state of the economy, there couldn’t be a better time to find a new job. 

With low unemployment and a shrinking talent pool, employers are struggling to find qualified candidates for their open positions. So if you want to move your career forward, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

If you’re ready to make a career move in 2020, here are four tips to make your job search a success.

Update Your Resume

 The new year is a perfect time to refresh your resume. Review your work experience and skills to see if there’s anything you can add. If you took on new responsibilities since the last time you updated, make sure to add those. While it’s good to have a generic resume on hand, you shouldn’t use the same resume for every job you apply for. Instead, you need to tailor your resume for each application. Before you apply, review the job description and identify pertinent keywords to add to your resume. That way, your resume is more likely to be identified by the employer’s Applicant Tracking System.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

According to U.S. News, approximately 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and screen candidates. Considering this statistic, it’s in your best interest to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Much like you did with your resume, add any new responsibilities or skills you’ve obtained to your profile. Also, check out your profile picture. When was the last time you updated it? If it’s been a while, upload a new, professional portrait.

Resolve to Attend More Networking Events

Along with the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Most of the time, people resolve to eat better, exercise more, or quit a bad habit. But if you’re looking for a new job in the new year, your resolution should be to attend more networking events. The adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is true. According to Business Insider, experts say 70 percent of people got their current job through networking. Check out eventbrite.com, meetup.com or simply search “professional networking events” to find networking opportunities in your city.

Work With a Recruiter

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter to find a job, the new year is a perfect time to start. Recruiters act as your ally during your job search, presenting you to their clients with available career opportunities to tell them why they should hire you. They can help prepare you for interviews and give you feedback from employers after your interview that you wouldn’t normally get. The best part? Their service is offered at no cost to job seekers. 

If you’re ready to find a new job in the new year, contact Burchard & Associates. We have multiple accounting and finance career opportunities in the St. Louis area. Check out our available jobs or contact us today.

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