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Employers Plan to Increase Utilization of Staffing Firms in Next 5 Years



Employers are struggling to find qualified candidates for their open positions, and many are turning to staffing firms for help. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 54 percent of employers plan to increase their use of staffing firms in the next five years.

“Even with new technologies pushing industry evolution, staffing firms will continue to play a key role in the recruitment process,” Cynthia Davidson, Senior Director of Research at the American Staffing Association, said.


Why Employers Are Working with Staffing Firms

  • 66% want to gain access to the right candidates
  • 42% believe a staffing firm can locate candidates faster than they could on their own
  • 41% want access to candidates with specialized skills
  • 37% had a hard time filling the position on their own

Technology’s Role in Staffing

  • 81% believe that staffing firms can help eliminate problems in their recruiting process due to technology
  • 74% said using up-to-date technology can help differentiate a staffing firm
  • 67% said it’s important that their staffing firms use up-to-date technology
  • 32% of staffing firms plan to invest in new technology this year

How Employers are Vetting Staffing Firms

  • 34% – Referrals
  • 34% – Firm’s reputation
  • 27% – Staffing firm’s website

How Employers are Choosing What Staffing Firm to Work With

  • 16% – Firm’s ability to find specific or niche skill sets
  • 15% – Firm’s reputation
  • 15% – Firm’s ability to find high-quality talent


“The results of these surveys confirm the industry is changing, and hiring managers are expecting more from their staffing firms to help streamline and improve the (hiring) process,” Andrew Streiter, Senior Vice President of the Staffing and Recruiting Group at CareerBuilder, said.

To see the full results of the survey, visit http://go.inavero.com/2018-staffing-buyer-study-careerbuilder-inavero.

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