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Why You Should Fill Out Your Summary on LinkedIn


We all know by now how important a robust, detailed LinkedIn profile is for any professional. Whether you are explicitly looking for a job, a filled-out profile is a must in the connected age. LinkedIn acts as your digital resume, so you always want to be putting your strongest self out for the world to see; you just don’t know what opportunities could come from doing so.

Along with putting your best foot forward with your LinkedIn profile, you want to be mindful that you are putting your most complete self out in the digital sphere. This includes keeping your profile up to date with job changes, certifications, accomplishments and recommendations.

One more vital section of a LinkedIn profile is the summary section—the area that sits above the fold and introduces the rest of your resume-related information. It’s so easy to overlook this seemingly small section. It takes a little more care to write, but skipping over your summary and leaving it blank could be doing you a disservice in the long run. Learn how this section of your profile can help you stand out from the crowd.

Show Your Personality

In its entirety, your LinkedIn profile should communicate who you are as a worker and professional. But if you want to be remembered, it should include some personality zest as well. The easiest place to inject this is in the summary section. You have space to include facts about yourself that might not fit into the resume section of your profile. Plus, it can be harder to jazz up job descriptions (accounts payable can only sound so flashy). Including a more creative flair in your summary section can also lead to conversation starters that recruiters might not glean from the rest of your profile.

Illustrate Your Strong Communication

You don’t need to be the next Mark Twain, but showing off your writing style in your summary section can help set you apart from the drone of other profiles. Clear, concise communication is a must no matter which industry you find yourself. Show that you are capable of such communication by explaining yourself thoroughly and plainly.

Include Awards and Accomplishments

Sometimes there are facts that speak to your professional life that just don’t fit elsewhere on your profile. These are perfect nuggets to include in your summary. They can round you out as an applicant or employee and show recruiters and other people looking at our profile a more complete view of who you are and what you have done thus far in your career and extracurriculars. Plus, because they are included above the fold, recruiters don’t have to scroll to see them.

Spell Out What You Bring To The Table

Your summary section is the most open-ended part of your LinkedIn profile. Use it to your advantage and write out what your strengths are and how you are able to apply them to life at the office. This, combined with your work roles and responsibilities, give profile lookers the most complete picture of who you are and what you can bring to the job.

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