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4 Apps For Productivity

I’m so busy: Three words that we have all heard and uttered countless times before. It seems like people are getting busier and busier, with no end of busyness in sight. So how can we abate this plague of go go go? There are a handful of strategies to mitigate the feelings of exhaustion, such as learning to say no and improving time management skills, but sometimes we need a little extra umph to up productivity levels.

Luckily, that extra umph can come from something as simple as your smart phone. With so many apps available that focus on productivity, there’s help to be had for even the busiest of souls. Check out these four favorites.


Evernote makes keeping top of productivity a breeze. It’s essentially one giant workspace for note taking, to-dos, and ideas that exists across all your devices: tablet, mobile and desktop. Evernote knows it’s cumbersome to start a project in one place only to lose your progress when you revisit it at a different time and place.

The app throws this possibility out the window; it stays up-to-date no matter where in the world you find yourself. You can also set up a dedicated Evernote email address so that you can streamline the process of adding content to your digital workspace. The app can act like a kitchen sink because there is nothing that isn’t fit for its uses.


Trello is a project management software that is most commonly used within organizations. However, it is a fabulous way of organizing your personal life to boot. The app uses boards to organize tasks into categories. Boards might be organized by home life and work life, family members, or activities (extracurriculars, vacations, etc.). On each board exist different cards, which denote the specific tasks that fall under each category — for example, sending a permission slip to school by Friday. The cards are where the maniacally organized can truly excel: You can add notes, due dates, checklists, even tag other Trello users so that everyone in your community is up to speed.


Ever caught in an instance where you need a file stored on another computer or device? Not if you’re using Dropbox. The system makes any file stored within your Dropbox folder accessible anywhere. It’s especially helpful if you have more than one computer, say a work computer and personal computer, and you need to access files on both. No more mixing up thumb drives or worse, misplacing them. Dropbox is like having a thumb drive permanently plugged in.


Is there anything more frustrating than forgetting a password? Based on all the different password requirements—must include a capital letter, special symbol, be at least 8 characters among other head-spinning must-haves—it can be all too easy to lose track of all the passwords in your life. 1Password is an app that stores all your passwords in one place, making it so that you only need to remember one password rather than multiple. Simply put, it keeps you protected without much effort.

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