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How To Stand Out With LinkedIn Pulse


The term personal brand might be a buzzword these days but for good reason. Establishing a personal brand is what sets you apart from your counterparts, especially against a digital landscape. Cultivating a personal brand has never been more important.

There are many components that go into developing a personal brand that is unique to you. And with so many components comes the feeling of plates constantly spinning, with you hoping they don’t come crashing down to the ground. Efficiency is what’s at stake here.

That’s where LinkedIn Pulse comes in. It’s a platform for you to share your thinking, philosophies and learnings without the added stress of managing a separate blog for yourself. Plus, you already have a built-in network of readers that are eager to read what you have to say. Follow these tips to ensure you are maximizing the platform to its—and your—fullest potential.

Offer Something New

LinkedIn Pulse hinges on thought leaders sharing what they have learned and the philosophies they have nurtured thus far in their careers. Thus, there is no room for mindless drivel that does nothing to spark a conversation or make someone stop and think about something in a new way. Use LinkedIn Pulse to establish yourself as a thought leader who has an interesting view of the world. Rather than rattling off stale articles that have surely been done before, fill the white space on the formatting screen with interesting stories and anecdotes that illustrate who you are as a person and your way of thinking.

Write About What Interests You

Although you should always be putting new thoughts and ideas out into the Pulse universe, be sure to stay true to yourself and post about what interests you; rather than writing about what you think you should be writing about, write about topics that get your heart racing with excitement. Bland blogging can be spotted a mile away; engaging in such shenanigans is a disservice to your readers. They want to leave your posts feeling inspired and engaged instead of bored to tears because you, the author, weren’t fully invested in what you were writing. Find your True North and stick to it, both for you and your readers’ benefits.

Engage With The Community

Not only should you be posting unique content, but also you should be getting involved in conversations with the community. Start commenting on Pulse articles that strike a chord with you—whether you agree with them or you have a counterpoint to add to further discussion. Such contributions to other Pulse authors can better show how you think and from where your worldview stems. Leaving thoughtful feedback can help others see issues in a new light, perhaps from an angle they haven’t yet considered. It also shows that you value others’ work and opinions enough to have a conversation with them and further provoke thought leadership.

LinkedIn Pulse is a wonderful tool that helps establish and grow your personal brand. It lets you connect with other thought leaders about a range of topics and engage in lively discussion. By properly utilizing the service, you can stand out against the digital landscape.

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