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4 CPA Benefits

The decision to become a CPA can be a difficult one to make; the process toward earning a CPA license is of course known as being one of the more difficult professional pursuits. The certification test is no breeze, and the costs associated with earning the title can be intimidating.

However, a CPA license can absolutely be worth the work involved to add the letters to your business card. Read on to learn about four CPA benefits and why it might be time to start studying for the CPA exam.

The Weight of the CPA Brand

When you obtain your CPA, you not only get a CPA license but also the pedigree and respect that comes with being a CPA. The CPA credential is a valuable one in the business world; it symbolizes trust and professionalism. Because the designation is such a rigorous one to obtain, CPAs are seen as a group of elite professionals in the industry. In fact, many are looked at as some of the most trusted business advisors. The training and education that go into earning the license set CPAs apart. They are held in high regard, which can help garner a leg up in multiple business situations.

Job Security

One of the benefits of working in accounting and finance is that positions in these fields will always be in demand. The demand increases even more for CPAs because of the difficulty and time it takes to pass the CPA exam. These highly qualified professionals are sought after because of the training and knowledge they can bring to a business. Unlike other oversaturated markets whose employees don’t need highly technical skills, accounting and finance require them and to a high degree at that. And with a CPA designation, an individual can prove the value they bring to a business up front simply because of the standard the CPA designation requires.

Salary Increase

Although money isn’t everything, it can be certainly be a swaying factor when it comes to looking into CPA benefits. The CPA credential is worth a 5 percent to 15 percent salary increase, according to Investopedia. Over time, the difference in pay between a certified public accountant and noncertified account will only grow. If the price of obtaining the CPA designation is too intimidating, this salary increase can be a good thing to keep in mind. You can look at taking the exam and its associated expenses as an investment that will pay for itself over the years in both money and experience.

Bypass Rungs on the Corporate Ladder

A CPA label automatically makes an accountant more valuable in the workplace. The designation is evidence of hours worth of education and on-the-job training along with a commitment to study. Because of this increased level of knowledge and expertise, many CPAs are able to jump up the corporate ladder, usually at a much faster pace than for professionals without the certified label. This is one of the most impressive CPA benefits. A sprint up the ladder can lead to more responsibility, more respect and bigger paychecks.

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