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Finding a Job Over 50

Finding a job over 50 has its challenges; some studies show it can take older job searchers 5-10 weeks longer to land a new job compared to their younger counterparts. This timeline is especially problematic for workers who face threats of downsizing and unemployment.

How is this the case when many of these professionals bring 20-30 years of experience to the table? Whether due to culture clash, over-qualification, or a saturated competitive landscape, professionals over the age of 50 face strong professional barriers in the job search market.

To overcome these obstacles and reduce the lag time between jobs, focus on these tips when finding a job over 50.

Showcase Your Tech Skills

As more and more companies are adopting younger, startup cultures, technology is a focal point for all applicants, regardless of age. Banish any false assumptions by highlighting your technical savvy across your resume, interview, and professional persona.

In addition to highlighting the various industry platforms, apps, and management programs you use in your daily role, also showcase your social media prowess through professional networks like LinkedIn or industry discussions on Twitter. By remaining active in the social space, you can more easily support your technical capabilities and highlight your adaptive nature.

Never Stop Job Searching

This is a good rule of thumb for professionals of all ages, but is of the utmost value for those looking to find a job over 50. In order to minimize the length of your job search, you can use always-on networking to stay current on job opportunities and keep yourself top-of-mind with companies and colleagues that may have openings down the road.

Take the time to update your resume periodically, keep your network fresh and active, and never turn down an opportunity to expand your professional connections. If you need help organizing your contacts, download our networking tracker to create a digital rolodex for every industry contact you want to stay in touch with.

Leverage Executive Recruiters

While online job boards can provide a high-level view of current job opportunities in the market, executive recruiters can offer more granular connections that will help you find the best fit for your next role.

Executive recruiters can help guide you toward companies that share similar values and foster a culture that will thrive in tandem with your skill set. They can also help you cut through the noise and hone in on the opportunities that are best suited for your experience level, career goals, and other needs. This reduces time spent with trial and error and allows your to maintain focus on the opportunities that hold the most value.

If you’ve never worked with an executive recruiter in the past, be sure you first understand their role din the job search and hiring process. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal.

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