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Burchard & Associates Blog Post Mash-Up

Each week, we find an amazing variety of quality career advice to help streamline our resumes, hone our leadership skills, and unlock career happiness.

But there are always a choice few that impact us more deeply and find a way into our psyche, leaving a lasting impression on the way we view our professional path.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorites over the past few months to share with you now. Enjoy!

The Dos and Don’ts of a Great Mentoring Relationship

Mentors can play pivotal roles in both our professional and personal lives, as they help us navigate towards our career goals. This is a great piece from Mashable outlining how best to craft a mutually-beneficial mentor relationship.

6 Amazing Tools to Create Perfect Digital Resumes and Portfolios

If you’re in need of a resume overhaul, these templates and tools will help you re-imagine your accomplishments and skills in a way that will communicate with the most impact. A helpful compilation of resources that will save you time and energy!

Nine Career Lessons I Learned From Comic Books

Great takeaways punctuated with creativity. This is an entertaining post that addresses major professional topics ranging from emotional intelligence to work ethic. A definite must-read.

How to Stay In Love with Your Career

Even if you are passionate about your career, chances are you still experience the occasional periods of fatigue and disinterest from the constant grind. Rather than jump ship or give in to burnout, find ways to broaden your skill sets and reawaken the affection you feel for your profession.

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