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Efficiency Hacks for the Frequent Business Traveler

Whether you’re new to business travel or just started ramping up your travel frequency, there is a large learning curve to traveling smart for business. Not only do you need to pack and plan your trip, you also need to anticipate obstacles and situations that could throw a wrench in your travel and work-related plans.

Here are a few core tips to cut down on that learning curve and get you ready to travel like a pro.

Keep your essentials packed: leave travel-sized toiletries, extra device chargers, and other must-haves packed in your travel bag between trips. This will cut down on the amount of packing and unpacking you’ll need to do and ensure you don’t get stuck without your necessary items.

Carry-on whenever possible: this is a no-brainer, but don’t spend valuable time checking bags or waiting at baggage claim. If you’re traveling for a short trip or have minimal bags, carry-on as much as possible.

Also, opt for a multi-purpose carry-on bag that offers versatile storage, adheres to airline carry-on luggage dimensions, and still looks suave!

Sign-up for TSA Precheck: Programs like TSA Precheck allow you to move through expedited airport security screening. This will streamline your airport experience and reduce your anxiety during peak travel times. Apply for your clearance today!

Save hard copies to your desktop: If you plan to work on the plane, be sure to save any major documents or to-dos to your desktop. If WiFi is unavailable or unreliable, this will ensure you can still make a dent in your tasks.

Rely on your apps: There are a plethora of amazing mobile apps in-market designed specifically to make the lives of business travelers more seamless. TripIt is highly-rated to help you easily follow your itinerary. Apps like Evernote will help you keep notes, documents, and tasks organized, so you don’t skip a beat once back in-office. If you travel for conferences or networking events, apps like CircleBack can help organize and maintain all the new connections you acquire.

Before you download apps for hotels, car rentals, and flights, check out the best and worst rated travel apps in 2015 to ensure you’re only getting the best value.

This is just a small sampling of efficiency hacks to streamline your travel time, while maximizing impact. For you frequent fliers out there, be sure to check out Business Insider’s recent article on little-known travel hacks for even more tidbits. Happy travels!


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