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Rethinking Your Work Space for Productivity

Lifehacks are everywhere these days. In today’s fast-paced world, we’re always on the hunt for a quicker, and easier way to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Productivity has become an everyday pursuit in both our professional and personal lives, as we attempt to wring out every ounce of potential each day brings.

But how can we promote long-term productivity and functionality in our everyday work? While productivity hacks can also help, other changes to your lifestyle and environment are needed to truly make a lasting impact on your productivity levels. Below are a few ideas that have been widely-researched or applied with positive results. Happy working!

Add Greenery
Want to boost productivity by 15%? Try adding some greenery to your desk and surrounding work space. Recent studies show that plant life can help us feel more comfortable and invested in our environment, positively affecting worker morale and productivity. Here are a few ideas for office-friendly plants.

Escape the Noise
This is especially important in offices that have an open floor plan or “cube farm” where sounds, conversations, and distractions travel more easily. Noise-cancelling headphones do the trick because you can plug-in to your power playlist. Or if you need to concentrate, they provide ultimate silence. Be sure to keep a pair in your desk drawer at all times.

Gravitate Toward Natural Light
Natural light can affect not only your productivity, but your mood, sleep levels, and overall health. If possible, move your work space close to a window or skylight to help boost your daily dose of natural light. If that’s not an option, get outside as much as possible. Eat lunch outside, go for a power walk, or take your laptop outside for an alternative work space.

Clear Clutter & Get Organized
Whether your work space is minimal or organized chaos, create a system that works best for you. Invest in binders, file folders, and other organizational supplies to help decrease everyday clutter and make your important files more accessible on-demand.

Stock-Up on Supplies
In addition to organizational supplies, build your own small stock pile of necessary office supplies right at your desk. The less time you spend hunting down a stapler or paper clips, the more time you can dedicate to your work. Just be sure to keep all supplies organized and stocked!

Get On Your Feet
Whether you invest in a standing desk, or take a daily stroll during lunch, exercise is key to lasting productivity and morale in the work place. Getting up from your desk at regular intervals also helps keep you mentally fresh and provides the break you need to refocus and recenter throughout the day. If your schedule and workplace are not exercise-friendly in the short-term, work to maximize your exercise levels before and after work to help fit in your daily boost of endorphins!

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