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Always-On Methods to Attract Recruiters

Social media is one of the most valuable tools you can leverage to remain always-on for recruiters. While it takes consistent work and time to invest in your social reputation, the potential rewards are vast. Even if you’re not actively searching for new job opportunities, evergreen social media activity on LinkedIn and Twitter can help uncover new industry connections, opportunities, and keep you top-of-mind with recruiters. Below are a few core tips to live by when crafting your online reputation:

Maintain a Professional Persona
This is important to uphold across all online and offline activities. For your professional social media profiles, be sure to leverage a bold, but work-appropriate profile picture. This will help capture recruiters’ attention and help you stand out from the crowd. Also, ensure that your social activity aligns with your professional persona. This doesn’t mean you should never share personal stories or tidbits on social media. But always judge your public personal content through the lens of a potential recruiter or hiring manager – “would I hire this person?” Your reputation and first impressions are both very difficult to change once established, so be sure you’re putting your best foot forward at all times.

Be a Thought Leader

Social media is the perfect forum for you to showcase your expertise by sharing industry articles, news, and other relevant content. The key is to add your own personal insight or thought-provoking question. By sharing your own views and stimulating discussion, it signals that you’re a thought leader in the field and that you can contribute strongly to industry conversations. This is essential as recruiters are searching for executive-level candidates, who can provide similar thought leadership for their client companies.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

This will help you remain highly visible for industry-relevant searches. As most recruiters have LinkedIn Premium, which allows for heightened search functionality, it is crucial that your profile leverages best practices for search visibility. Spend a few hours updating your LinkedIn account to incorporate these search optimizations to strongly position yourself in front of recruiters.

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