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The Executive Job Search: Why It’s A Different Game & How to Win It

Welcome to the executive job search.

Unlike the majority of job applicants, professionals searching for executive or c-suite level positions face a whole new set of challenges when it comes to securing new opportunities. Find out how to best conquer these barriers and unlock a new world of career potential.

Barrier #1: Higher Competition & Longer Lifecycles

At the executive level, there are fewer jobs available at any given time. Depending on the market, you may be vying against a plethora of qualified candidates for only a handful of open positions. As such, the job search process can take much longer at the executive level. This can be especially difficult for executives who may have been laid-off or have taken a leave of absence from the workforce.

To cut through the clutter and highlight your expertise, evergreen self-promotion is key. Leveraging social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter will help you keep your personal brand fresh and established, while expanding your network among key industry players and hiring companies. Don’t wait until you’re actively job searching to start using social media; be an active leader and participant in the space at all times!

Barrier #2: Fewer Free Online Resources

While sites like TheLadders.com and BlueSteps.com specialize in executive candidates, the bulk of their resources are available only to paying members. While free versions are available, these access levels are simply teasers to up-sell you to the paid membership level. Depending on your level of motivation and the perceived return from investing in these memberships, online executive portals can play a role in your job search if you know what you’re looking for.

However, a much stronger choice at the executive level is to leverage an executive recruiter. Recruiters are paid by the hiring companies that contract them, so there is no out-of-pocket expense to you. Additionally, they can help connect you with the most relevant jobs based on your experience, skillset, and career goals.

Barrier #3: Technology Skillsets

In the age of technology, all professionals face the constant struggle to remain current on the latest technology in their field. As technology’s lifecycle is very short and lower-level professionals are more immersed, it can be difficult for C-suite level professionals to remain “plugged in” to the ever-changing tech scene, especially how it relates to their specific industry.

While this may seem like a full-time job in itself, the best place to start is online. Just keep reading! Add tech blogs and outlets like MashableHuffington Post Tech, and TechCrunch to your daily reading to stay abreast of mainstream tech news. Also keep visibility on your specific industry’s tech gains to be aware of new, efficient, and evolved ways to progress your everyday job. Industry and tech conferences like CES and SXSW Interactive are also hugely beneficial to keep your mind fresh and focused on the progress being made in the tech space and will provide great networking opportunities with other professionals and companies.

So if you’re searching for your next executive-level job, remember: leverage social media to showcase your personal brand, connect with an executive recruiter, and keep yourself educated in the technology scene.

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