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LinkedIn Premium: Is It Worth The Investment?

LinkedIn Premium is the social network’s subscription-based offering, aimed to supercharge job search, business development, or talent acquisition efforts. If you’re curious as to the difference between the free and premium access, LinkedIn has a wonderful comparison.

But is LinkedIn Premium worth the investment?

When it comes to job-seekers, LinkedIn Premium is a toss-up. If you’re only casually exploring your job options and have built an extensive online and offline network on your own, LinkedIn Premium is not a necessity. While it does provide you a little extra freedom to contact users out-of-network and boost your visibility with core decision makers, these are all benefits that you can achieve through your own networking efforts.

However, if you’re still building your professional network, are switching careers, or are aggressively pursuing your job search, LinkedIn Premium is a strong tool to have in your arsenal. The Premium insights feature allows you to see how you stack up against competition for LinkedIn jobs you apply for, salary ranges, and other granular detail that can help guide your job search and application efforts. The added InMail messaging and Introductions also provide you access to a wider LinkedIn base than you may currently have, which is key if you’re looking to expand your network or explore opportunities outside your immediate network.

Whether you choose to invest in LinkedIn Premium or not, you can typically opt into a 30-day free trial. Additionally, while you can pay on a monthly basis, LinkedIn will offer a discount for those paying on an annual model. So if you’re 100% invested in LinkedIn Premium, be sure to leverage the annual discount. Happy networking!

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