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The Executive Recruiter’s Holiday Wish List

Deck the halls with confident communicators…

Tis the season to be team-oriented…

While this may not be the chorus the majority of us are acquainted with, this tune rings true for all recruiters. Here are the top 5 candidate qualities that executive recruiters are wishing for all year-round:

Wish #1: Effective Leader

The best executive candidates possess the ability to lead and motivate those around them. However, it’s equally important to know when to step back and let others lead in order to achieve the best results.

When vetting candidates for executive positions, recruiters are looking for individuals who have a strong track record for leading teams with profitable and successful outcomes. As a candidate, if you can quantify the result of your leadership (improved performance metrics, financial gains, etc.), this gives both the recruiter and the hiring company a tangible foundation on which to base their assessments.

Wish #2: Highly Competent

This may seem like an obvious one, but the ability to satisfy all job requirements is an absolute must. Candidates who can highlight industry-relevant certifications and degrees and whose resumes highlight relevant skills and experience will rise to the top of a recruiter’s call-back list.

Wish #3: Confident Communicator

The ability to decisively communicate needs and desires to superiors, colleagues and direct reports is a crucial quality for executive candidates. As communication is the lifeblood of management, recruiters will be on the look-out for individuals who are well-spoken, can clearly articulate career goals, and are able to pitch themselves successfully. Collectively, these cues will help guide recruiters toward candidates who are able to translate successful interview communication to performance-driven workplace communication.

Wish #4: Passionate

Ever worked with someone who can motivate those around them purely through their infectious passion? Enthusiastic individuals who are self-motivated to achieve professional success tend to be extremely action-oriented with strong work ethics.

These professionals hold extreme value for executive recruiters, as they have the ability to drive change and positively impact corporate performance. By seeking out highly-passionate executives, recruiters are setting hiring companies up for long-term success with key management positions.

Wish #5: Team-Oriented

No man (or woman) is an island. Recruiters are also looking for professionals who have a track record for cultivating highly-functioning teams and leveraging the collective skills of the group to maximize performance. If you’re planning to work with an executive recruiter, be sure to highlight previous team leadership experience and detail how team dynamics have helped propel your career success.

 From our family to yours, Burchard & Associates wishes you a happy holiday season!

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