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Giving Thanks in the Workplace

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, be sure to share your gratitude with those individuals who live and breathe by your side, slog through the trenches with you, and make the daily grind less grinding.

Your colleagues.

Here are a few ways to give proper thanks for your fellow weekday warriors:

Say Thanks

This may seem the obvious choice, but a simple, heartfelt thanks can go a long way. In today’s fast-paced workplace, ‘thank you’ can often seem superfluous – an unnecessary email that just adds to an inbox, an after-thought when rushing between meetings, or the assumption that co-workers and team members know you appreciate their work.

While it’s great practice to thank your colleagues every day of the year, Thanksgiving gives you the perfect opportunity to make a dent in the ‘thank you’ deficit.

Share Your Knowledge

The best way to thank your peers and mentors for the knowledge they’ve shared with you, is to pass that wisdom on to others.

Take the time to work closely with a team member or colleague and teach them something that has made an impact on your life. Whether it’s mentoring them through career development, sharing work hacks to increase productivity, or brainstorming through strategic roadblocks, passing on your wealth of knowledge will make your workplace more collaborative and show colleagues you care about their growth.

When in Doubt, Say It with Food

Everybody loves a free meal! Whether you’re the CEO or the new kid on the block, bringing in breakfast, treating your colleagues to lunch, or stocking up on communal snacks is a great way to say thanks.

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