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Do You Need An Executive Recruiter?

Looking to re-charge your job search? Or maybe you’re unsure of the role a recruiter plays in the job search process? Take the quiz below to find out if you’d benefit from the resources of an executive recruiter.

1)    If you are actively job searching, do you find yourself losing momentum with online job listings and resources?

2)    Are you interested in learning about the latest executive-level career opportunities in your industry?

3)    Are you looking for executive-level job listings but are not willing to pay for access to these opportunities?

4)    Do you want to exponentially broaden your professional network to include core decision-makers in your field?

5)    With your busy schedule, do you find yourself struggling to stay current on new job opportunities in your industry?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, we recommend at least talking with an executive recruiter. Recruiters are an invaluable resource to both hiring companies and potential candidates, as they have built vast networks of highly-qualified professionals and are well-connected with the latest job opportunities in your vertical.

If you’re uncomfortable paying a monthly membership for some of the online job resources out there, executive recruiters are paid by the hiring company. That means that their network, services, and resources are open to you free of charge. This is especially valuable for executives who may not actively be job searching or who are interested in maintaining a long-term relationship with their recruiter.

Lastly, for those of you having difficulty wading through the sea of online job listings to identify strong opportunities, an executive recruiter can help cut through much of that noise and pinpoint the open positions that are best-suited for your skill set and career goals.

Even if you’re not actively job searching, we recommend connecting with an executive recruiter in your industry today so that you have that framework in place when you do decide to make a career move.

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