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5 Famous People Who Are Also Accountants


Accountants get a bad rap. When people talk of accounting, eyes glaze over and thoughts of boredom quickly set in. The general consensus among most people is accountants are quiet, boring, nerdy individuals walking around with pocket protectors and calculators. Well folks, it may have been like that at one time, but today’s accounting world finds itself full of some of the most interesting people on the planet.

Don’t believe us? Just ask us about the wonderful people we represent!

Chuck Liddell 

One of the toughest men on the planet, Chuck Liddell is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who can strike fear in the hearts of IRS agents the world over. Credited with helping to make MMA a popular sport among the masses, Liddell is a bona fide accountant as well. A graduate of Cal Poly University in 1995 with a B.A. in Accounting, Chuck can hold his own with the best MMA fighters as well as any CPA who dares to sit down across from him in an office.

Kenny G 

One of the most popular instrumentalists of the past two decades with his soprano saxophone, Kenny G has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. However, before he and his sax became household names, he was an accountant named Kenneth Gorelick. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Washington, he spent days figuring up debits and credits at a desk before stardom came calling. With plenty of his own debits and credits to keep track of today, he attributes his accounting knowledge with helping him manage his money and also in being able to choose the right people to manage his business affairs.

D’Lo Brown 

Another tough guy who made a name for himself in the ring, Brown was one of the world’s most famous professional wrestlers in the late ’90’s. While a member of the World Wrestling Federation, he held numerous championships and was one bad man. But like others before him, before he crunched opponents he crunched numbers. A graduate of the University of Maine, Brown went on to pass the CPA exam and work as a certified public accountant for several years.

John Grisham 

One of the world’s most popular and prolific authors, Grisham is known for his legal thriller novels including A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief and many others. After being a student at three different colleges, he eventually received a degree in accounting. Once he received this degree, he went on to law school with the intention of using his accounting knowledge to become a tax lawyer. However, on the way to learning the ins and outs of the tax code he started studying criminal law. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Robert Plant 

The lead singer of Led Zeppelin once aspired to be a chartered accountant. Before he met the rest of the band, Plant was studying accounting and finance on a scholarship at the London School of Economics. While he never finished college, Plant did once save the band millions of dollars. He did the numbers and found out that they could rent a jet for a world tour and sleep on it instead of spending money on hotels.

So as you can see, the accounting profession is full of anything but boring individuals. Those with accounting degrees are perfectly capable of fighting in the ring, making great music, keeping you in suspense with a novel, and so much more. So the next time someone comes along and starts talking about how boring accounting is, show them this list of people. Not only will they be surprised, but they may also have to take a second look at the profession. And if they still insist it’s boring, just tell them to call your good friends Chuck and D’Lo and they can talk it over with them.

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