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How Recruiters Can Help Hiring Managers Find and Retain Top Talent


If your company suffers from services help companies find a placement that will want stay for a number of years.

After all, a company should hire its employees for the long-term. This means that finding an employee interested in participating in your company’s work culture is an important step in the hiring process. And it’s also a good investment.

Why is it a good investment? First, consider the explicit cost of rehiring for the same position year after year: the time and money spent researching candidates, interviewing them, and conducting background checks. The man-hours can be significant, even if you’re retaining the help of an executive recruitment firm. And then there’s still the matter of training the new hire, getting him or her acclimated to your company’s work culture, and making sure that he or she meets expectations. All of these steps must be done, but they take time and patience – and, because of the time they take, the steps associated with onboarding new executives prevents your established executives from focusing all their efforts on growing the business. In short, if this process of onboarding new executives has to be done every year for multiple positions, it can drag down your bottom line.

And now consider the second, hidden cost of rehiring for the same position year after year: no matter how qualified your fresh hires are, they will lack the feel and know-how of someone who has been with your company for a significant amount of time. Even when your executive recruitment firm does an excellent job finding you great placements, for the first several months – or even the first year – they are still new employees. And, ideally, you want as many of your employees as possible to have an intimate knowledge of your company and to be able to respond quickly, effectively and subtly in the face of a crisis. With new employees, such an expectation is simply not realistic.

Imagine the difference if most of your hires stay five, ten, or even twenty years. Executive recruitment firms will tell you that this should be the goal – the less hiring and training your company has to do, the more you can focus on conducting business. The best recruitment firms will help you in this goal – they will work with you to understand precisely what your company needs, they will vet numerous applicants, and present you with the several most qualified candidates who are the best fit for your company. In this way, executive recruitment services firms help hiring managers do their most important job: finding hires that stick.

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