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10 Ways That Executive Placement Firms Help You Find Your Dream Job

Executive placement firms are always in search of dynamic, well-qualified candidates. After all, a firm’s job is to find a match between a good company and a good executive. However, many job hunters are hesitant to turn to executive placement firms – out of pride, some job hunters feel they don’t need the help.

But, there are actually a lot of advantages to supplementing your search by teaming up with one of the executive placement firms in your area. Below are ten reasons to consider contacting a recruiter today.

1. A Second Team Working for You. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Looking for a job is a full-time job.” If you’re currently on the hunt, you know that there’s a lot of truth to this. So why not enlist of a placement firm? For recruiters, looking for a job is a full-time job – and your search will benefit from the extra help.

2. Help from the Experts. As alluded to above, recruiters at executive placement firms are experts. You’re an intelligent, capable individual, but you likely don’t have the years of experience scouring the job market that they have. This extra expertise can come in handy – it can be the difference between landing your dream job … or not.

3. Help with Polish. Especially if you’ve been off the job market for a few years, you may not have the most updated CV, or you may have trouble navigating social media. Good executive placement firms will spot minor errors in your supporting material, thus transforming your application from very good to stellar.

4. Interviewing Practice. In a similar vein, most executive placement firms will want to meet with you – you’ll get to have an interview with your recruiter, where you can highlight your skills. This practice will make your interview for your dream job that much better.

5. Fresh Ideas. Sometimes, you may be missing something in your search – or you may not have realized an area of interest that was available to you. When speaking with executive placement firms, they can help you discover new possibilities.

6. An Advocate in Your Favor. Top-notch executive placement firms are respected by top-notch companies. If you come recommended by such a firm, this advocacy can be what distinguishes you from other candidates.

7. Contacts, Contacts, Contacts. Executive placement firms have them – they know high-placed people all through the industry, in a variety of companies. If you work with a firm, they’ll use these contacts to your advantage.

8. Superior Knowledge of Companies. Going along with the above, executive placement firms will know the culture within a given company. In this way, they can help you decide whether you’d truly be a good personality fit, or just a good fit on paper.

9. Superior Knowledge of Job Openings. Often, executive placement firms know of unlisted or forthcoming openings – and you simply won’t have access to this information if you’re a job hunter on your own.

10. Cut Through the Clutter. While it’s not always the case, it may turn out that an executive placement firm will almost immediately be able to find just the job for you. If this turns out to be the case, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time and effort.

So, in summary, even if you feel like you don’t need the help of one of the executive placement firms in your area, it may be to your benefit to give it a try – it could help you land that dream job.

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