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Interviewing with Younger Potential Employers: What You Need to Know

If you’re like most people, having to attend an interview makes you feel anxious to a certain extent, but having to interview with a recruiter (or potential employer younger than you) can represent an entirely new and uncertain situation. As an experienced professional, you may wonder about the type of questions they will ask – and if you’ll feel comfortable answering them.

However, there is no reason to be discouraged: your career résumé is actually an advantage! You are definitely more experienced in workplaces and business environments with less experienced colleagues, which should help build self-confidence and get mentally prepared. What’s more, there are regulations like The Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, created to protect you against business discriminating practices.

Listed below are a few common interview questions based on age and some helpful tips on how to answer or avoid them tactfully:

  • Future-related inquiries. Generally, questions regarding the future are intended to find out about your career track and how interested you are in the job. Even though being honest could benefit you in this scenario, make sure you convince your potential employer that you’re looking forward to long-term employment.
  • Salary requirements. Salary negotiations are difficult on their own. Additionally, your potential employer may see you previous income as a disadvantage. When asked for desired salary, try giving a range instead of a fixed amount.
  • Experience and qualifications. It is possible to be overqualified. Make sure you emphasize your strengths and achievements should the interviewer address this situation. Also, only include 10-15 years of experience on your résumé.

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