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5 Tips on How to be Successful in Skype Interviews

Recruiters are increasingly using video interviews as a part of their candidate screening processes, which is why individuals searching for a job need to know what to expect when participating in one. A video meeting can be considered an efficient and innovative way of communicating but, in fact, not speaking face-to-face may cause some difficulties of its own.

Because Skype is somewhat new to a lot of people, you might not have had the opportunity to participate in this type of interview yet. Therefore, we want to provide you some tips that will help you be successful in your next video interview:

  1. Dress for success. Even if you’re not meeting the recruiter in person, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress the part. Make sure you at least wear a dress shirt as that’s what the camera will see.
  2. Avoid distractions. Notify your family, roommates or other people that live with you that you will be doing a video interview so that they don’t interrupt or appear on video. Keep your pets out of the room, too.
  3. Make eye contact. It’s your natural instinct to look at the computer screen, but you want the interviewer to feel like they’re talking to you in person. Therefore, look into the camera instead.
  4. Prevent technical difficulties. Ensure that your Internet works properly. Try to plug your computer to an Ethernet connection since it’s more reliable than wi-fi. Test your audio and video before the interview.
  5. Show some enthusiasm. Any news announcer will tell you that your reactions translate differently when on-screen, so be sure to respond with enthusiasm, eloquence and precise answers.

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