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How to Ace Your Next Panel Interview

When trying to find the right candidate for a position, companies may opt for a panel interview instead of a traditional, one-on-one interview. A panel interview, unlike a regular one-on-one interview, consists of a group of people interviewing a single candidate; usually that group includes a human resources manager and one or more department managers. Companies perform this type of interview in order to make an informed decision about whether or not a candidate may be a fit for the team.

Traditionally, these interviews are conducted in a question and answer format; however, creative interviewers are using simulation exercises where the candidate has to showcase their reaction and skills under specific situations.

As with any type of interview, there are basic capabilities that potential employers are looking for in a candidate such as confidence, solid communication skills and good appearance. Nevertheless, in order to be successful in panel interviews, candidates should follow these suggestions:

  • Kindly greet each interviewer instead of greeting them in general
  • Show equal respect and attention to all individuals present
  • Make an effort to engage all of the interviewers in the conversation by making eye contact
  • Listen carefully to the questions and give precise answers as they will be testing your ability to follow instructions
  • Use the interviewer’s names when addressing questions
  • At the end, thank everyone and send them separate written thank you notes or e-mails

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