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New Tips on How to Search for a Job While Employed

Are you currently working full-time for a company and find yourself dissatisfied with your position? Then you probably have considered searching for another job while you are still employed at your present company. While we previously covered this topic in an earlier blog, today’s economy necessitates a refresher in finding a new career without burning bridges.

  • Keep things close to the vest: You don’t want to share information about your search with your boss, co-workers or even through social media.
  • Don’t provide your work e-mail or phone to potential employers: Should a potential employer try to reach out to you, your employer could find out that you’re searching for another job. Besides, it’s unprofessional.
  • Conduct your search during non-work hours: You still have to carry out your normal job duties and your employer isn’t paying you to perform personal activities while on the job.
  • Take one or two days off for interviews: Attending interviews straight from your current work can be dangerous. If you normally go to work in business casual attire, your co-workers may find it suspicious that you go one day wearing a suit.
  • Keep in mind that being currently employed makes you more attractive to recruiters and potential employers, simply because it suggests that you hold better qualifications than similar unemployed candidates. Therefore, use this factor as a competitive advantage – but carefully.

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