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How New Friendships at Work Can Jumpstart Your Career

Do you often find yourself enjoying your colleagues’ company while at work? Do you think of any of them as your friends? If so, consider yourself fortunate as you probably are among the group of people who feel motivated to go to work every day.

A research study conducted by Tom Rath, global practice leader at Gallup Press, shows employees who claim to have at least one true friend at work are 50% more satisfied with their position and daily functions than co-workers who haven’t established any close relationship with staff. In addition, workers with a “best friend” at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their workplace.

This study, which was captured in the book “Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford to Live Without,” also explains how staff members who are privileged enough to maintain a good relationship with their bosses are two times more satisfied with their occupation than their colleagues. Nevertheless, employees that are not close to their supervisors or managers are considerably less driven and enthusiastic about their jobs.

Clearly, friendship at work can lead to some counterproductive situations as well. For instance, employees might find it difficult to accept that their friends are being promoted, or they may spend their time at the office socializing instead of working. However, it is clear that with moderation, friendships at work are only good for employees.

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