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Tips for a Successful First Day at Work

Sure, you have held several positions over the course of your career, but how long ago was your first day at a new job or company? The following tips will help you integrate yourself to the new company in an easier way:

  •  Reach out on LinkedIn to future co-workers.

Find out who your future co-workers might be and add them to your contact list, so you can learn about their current position in the company and their background. Also, when you walk in the door on your first day, you won’t be a complete stranger to them.

  •  Set up a lunch date with a work connection.

Meeting with a work connection will not only establish a relationship between you and a future co-worker, but also provide you with all the insights you need on the company’s culture in advance.

  •  Brush up on industry related trends.

Do some research on your company and the industry. If you have been unemployed for a while, you may discover that the industry is requiring a new software proficiency or certification.

Try to put at least one of these tips into practice, and your first day at your next job might feel less overwhelming. If you are looking forward to getting that next job, contact Burchard and Associates today!

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