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How to Succeed in Your Next Review

No matter where you work, regular reviews are an important component of your career development. Whether reviews are annually or even once a quarter, it’s key that you go into it prepared.  A review can help make your case for a promotion, pay raise or even help you determine if it’s time to find a new position with a different company. Whatever the case, consider these three tips to make your next review a successful one.

Have quantifiable results. A review — and your success — can be subjective. While you might see your recent performance as success, your boss may not. That’s why it’s important to come in with numbers and examples to prove your worth. Did you help reduce costs in your department by five percent over the last year? That’s something worth sharing. Don’t share something that can’t be verified or that could be doubted, such as “built relationships with key department members.

Be up front. If you think it’s time for you to receive your next promotion, go into the review prepared to say so and be up front. Don’t wait until the end of the review to lay out your goals and thoughts.

Learn from the experience. Not every review will end like you hope. You can’t anticipate a raise every time, especially given the current economy. If your superior gives you something to work on, take note of it and use the next few months to show you listened. This can go a long way when it comes time for your next review.

Depending on your company, you could have many months or even a year to prepare for your reviews. Use this time wisely and follow these tips to make your next review a successful one.

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