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To Move on or Ask for a Raise: Which is the Right Move?

With signs that the economy is slowly recovering, many employees are beginning to think about the benefits and raises they want from their company. After tightening the belt for several consecutive years, some feel that now is the time to be rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices. Whether it was foregoing a raise last year or putting aside aspirations for a promotion, now could be the time to make that leap in your company. Is it time to look for your raise or is it time to move on? As a professional executive recruiting company, we offer these three considerations to help you make the decision.

All promises and no action. While you’ve been staying late and going without that raise, has your company been promising you a reward in the future? You might not be happy to admit that this promise is one that hasn’t been followed up on. Now is the time to consider your options. Do you truly see your work being rewarded or are they just trying to appease you?

Know your numbers. Whether you’re going for a raise or on to a new job, you’ll need to know your numbers. What do you have to show for your work over the last few years? Has your performance been historically better during that time? If the answer is no, then it might be in your best interest to stay in your current position.

Understand company issues. Is your company currently in the middle of a hiring or raise freeze? These may be factors out of your manager’s control, so be understanding. A little more patience could go a long way when office politics are back to normal. At the very least, you can negotiate for better benefits.

Whether your ultimate decision is to stay with your company through the hard times and hope to be rewarded for your loyalty – or if you think the grass truly is greener on the other side – this will be a difficult decision. If you ultimately look elsewhere, our professionals can help place you with the right company and position. Contact us today to get started.

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