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3 Career Tips for the Long-Term Unemployed

Whether you’re just a few years out of college or a seasoned executive, the current job market has left many on the job hunt unemployed for the long term. A recent AARP study showed older workers were unemployed for an average of 44 weeks compared to 33.9 weeks for those under age 55.  Aside from the stigma attached with being unemployed, those out of work long term may become frustrated and disenchanted. As professional recruiters, it is our mission to match qualified and experienced workers with the right position. To help those who have been unemployed for several months, we offer the following tips:

1. Learn and develop new skills. Even if you held previous position for several decades, there’s still room for you to learn and develop. Use this time while unemployed to pick up new skills in your industry and with technology. You can put these skills on your résumé as well as show prospective employers exactly what you’ve done while out of work.

2. Keep a schedule. For the last 10 years, you were up at 6 AM sharp. Now that you’re out of a job, it’s easy to sleep in at your leisure. This is okay for a few days, but we strongly encourage those in search of a new career to set a schedule and keep it. It’s a good way to stay productive and on top of your game. Plus, it will help you not be groggy the next time you have a call for a 9 AM interview.

3. Use your network. We’ve previously mentioned the importance of growing and maintaining your network. Even if you think you’ve tapped your entire network for resources, there’s still more you can do. Set up lunch or coffee dates and attend networking events within your industry. You never know where you could meet your next professional connection.

While many of these tips might sound like common sense, they are still the foundations for any job hunt. Whether you’ve been searching for a new position for a few weeks or a few months, it’s important to remember the basics.

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