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How Social Media Can Help Your Job Hunt

Last week we discussed how to leverage LinkedIn for your job hunt. As a professional networking site, it’s easy to see the advantages of LinkedIn. But what about the rest of the social media universe? Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can all prove to be a valuable resource in your job hunt. How can you start using these the right way?

Learn more about potential employers and companies. We all know the importance of researching a company and asking thoughtful questions in an interview. But where do you go to find this information? These days, Facebook can serve as a secondary website for some businesses. Learn everything from their charitable involvements to their upcoming corporate events just by looking at their Facebook page so you can be sure to ask the probing questions others don’t.

Connect with people who count. If LinkedIn is the place you go to find and build professional connections, then Facebook and Twitter can be the places you form a personality and rapport with the important people. Respond to tweets and start conversations with people from the company with which you are interviewing, or even with the Twitter account for the company itself.

Show off your knowledge. It’s becoming more and more common for employers to research your social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Instead of letting them find embarrassing pictures from your weekend in Mexico, use it to post a link to your blog that shows off what you know.

For many people in the past, social media has been a factor in why they weren’t hired. To use social media as a tool in your job search – and not a hindrance – follow these simple tips and be sure to keep your profile clean and professional. Remember: social media can’t be your only means of searching for a job, but it can be another valuable tool in your arsenal.

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