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How to: Find a New Job While Currently Employed

In the course of your career, it’s likely that you may be employed but interested in finding a position elsewhere. Whether you’re unhappy with your current company or just seeking new opportunities, this can be a difficult situation for many employees to maneuver. How can you successfully search for – and land – a new job while still employed? As professional recruiters, we understand these challenges and can offer you tips for the next time you’re looking for a new position.

Do it on your own time. If you work from 9-5 everyday and the new positions you’re considering are also during typical office hours, the odds are that you’ll be asked to do a phone or in-person interview sometime while on the clock. To respect your current employer, it’s best to schedule these interviews either before or after work hours or during your lunch hour. If the time it takes you to drive to the new office and back and the interview last over an hour, plan on taking a half day off work. While you might plan on leaving your current company, it’s still important to respect their time.

Use recruiters. As professional recruiters, we have experience in navigating difficult situations – like finding positions for individuals who are already employed. While you’re at your current job, we can be searching for open positions that could turn into your future career.

Ask interviewers not to contact your current employer. If you change your mind about your current position, or are unable to find a new one in a timely manner, you’ll want to ensure your job security. That means your current employer should not know about your job hunt. Ask your interviewer to contact former employers who can give you a good reference without ruining your reputation with your current job. This fulfills both your needs and the needs of the interviewer.

While the job hunt can be stressful for the unemployed, currently employed individuals face some unique hurdles.  By following these tips, you can successfully find a new job without burning any bridges at your current place of employment.

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