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The Art of Writing a Cover Letter

As recruiters, we field cover letters and résumés on a daily basis. While some are extremely well crafted—perfectly showcasing all of their skill and attributes—some just fail to hit the mark. We understand that many of you may have a family, a second job and other obligations, but you must invest time and effort to your cover letter. In this blog entry, we will offer up a few trusty tips that will not only improve your cover letter, but will help you land the job of your dreams!

#1 Personalize it: There is nothing worse than a carbon copy cover letter. Sure it makes life a lot easier for you, but it doesn’t say much about your work ethic. Employers like prospects who have done their homework. By not doing your homework about the position shows that maybe you don’t really care about the job opportunity. If you don’t care about them why should they care about you?

#2 Highlight Your Resume: Whatever skill or experience you possess that best fits the position be sure to make that the focus of the introduction. Given the amount of cover letters a place of business may receive for a job opening, make sure the beginning grabs their attention.

#3 Spell Check: Even in the digital era where every computer has a built in spell check function, it is still common to find submitted cover letters and résumés with spelling and grammatical errors. The best way to avoid this issue is by simply taking your time. Scan each sentence carefully, checking for any minor typos you may have missed. Also, if possible hand it off to another person for a second pair of eyes. Remember: any cover letters with typos will get immediately filed to the bottom of the pile.

As recruiters we know what employers are looking for in a candidate searching for employment in the financial industry. If you’re an executive professional currently searching for a new opportunity, contact us today to learn more!

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