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It’s All in the Job Title

It may sound trivial, but job titles matter—no matter the industry.  In our everyday communications, we use job titles to describe and understand where one another fits in the company hierarchy and in the industry as a whole. If titles weren’t important, why would we put them on our business cards? Your title tells someone what you do, what department you work in and, often times, whether you are a decision maker within your company. So what does this tell hiring managers and HR department heads?

When you are looking to fill a position, be sure to evaluate the job title that’s associated with the position of interest. For example, if you are hiring for an Account Executive of Accounting, list the position opening as such. If you simply list “Account Executive”, you may see a large number of applicants, but the likelihood that those applicants are qualified for the position at hand will be lower than if the job were listed with a more specific title.

Once hired, clear job titles make it easier for employees to understand their job expectations and responsibilities. It’s common for people to make assumptions: to prevent typical assumptions regarding job responsibilities, be sure to not only provide clear titles to employees, but job descriptions as well.

As recruiters we use our experience and industry knowledge to understand the job behind the titles with which we match our candidates. If you are an executive professional currently searching for a position in the financial industry, contact us today to learn more about working with our recruiters.

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