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Burchard and Associates: Where, What and Why

Assistant Treasurer of a large St Louis based energy company, Doug Loucks, gives us an insightful look into Burchard and Associates in our new video. This public company, headquartered in St. Louis and a client of Burchard and Associates, has seen an immense amount of success through the services provided. Burchard & Associates’ expert staff requires only high-level requirements for their recruits, putting your placements in positions to succeed. We not only understand the importance of matching the right candidates with the right clients, but that working in an efficient time-frame is best for all parties at hand. If you are in need of recruiting services in the St. Louis area, contact the specialists at Burchard and Associates.

Burchard & Associates provides a personal approach to accounting and tax recruitment for St. Louis and beyond. We are ready to listen to YOU.

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