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Job Search Tip: Use Tools to Sell Your Story

When it comes to reviewing résumés, the sheer volume of résumés received in their inbox can overwhelm a recruiter. Think about it: a recruiter could get hundreds upon hundreds of résumés for a single job posting. And with that amount, it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. That is why it’s important that your résumé has unique properties, such as URLs and hyperlinks, to make it stand out among the sea of qualified applicants.

Should you opt to use live URLs and hyperlinks in your résumé, you can easily set up your pitch. It provides you with an opportunity to link to your current work, accomplishments or previous employer’s websites. Highly recruited candidates are those who understand the importance of setting themselves apart and showcasing what makes them an asset.

Whichever avenue you select to showcase your qualifications, it is important that you make putting together your résumé a conscious effort.  As most recruiters will tell you, candidate placement is not nearly as difficult as finding the right candidate.

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