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The Tough Decisions: Which Job Offer is Right for You?

In the throes of your job hunt, it may be hard to imagine you could receive two job offers at one time and be forced to make a decision. Which job should you choose to the benefit of your personal and professional lives? One of our Twitter followers recently asked for advice in choosing between two jobs offers, and we have an answer.

At Burchard & Associates, the only thing that makes us happier than you getting a job offer is you getting two job offers. We can help with this next step and new job in your life.

Start by comparing jobs offers, and know that the answer to your question should not be all about money. For just a minute, forget that money is involved and ask yourself which job offers the most challenge and appeal. If the offers are similar in amount, the long-term challenge could give you much more lasting job satisfaction. You don’t want to select a job in which there are no challenges and no opportunities to learn new skills.

What about career growth? A job could start out at a lower pay, but offer a higher degree of career growth over the next few years as you progress. Is the job with a company that you think will promote from within, or will you stay in the same position?

Also consider the industry. Is it a growing industry, a stable and mature industry, or even a declining industry with less likelihood for growth opportunity?

Consider where you are in your career and where you are in your life.  If this job is going to require commitments of time and travel that are going to push the envelope in your home life, is it worth it to you?  Make sure your home life and career are in line with the job you are considering.

Compare your bosses in these two situations.  Who can you learn the most from, and will your personalities mesh?  Your relationship with your supervisor will be in direct correlation to your success and happiness in your new position.

And then, of course, there’s money. You have your base salary, but add in everything including insurance, 401K, profit-sharing, bonus structure, past history of bonus payouts, plus vacation and time-off policies.  An extra week of vacation or a flexible work schedule can mean more than a higher base salary.

Considering all of these factors, you should be able to make the right decision.

However, if you’re not in a position with two job offers at once and would like help in finding your next career move, check out our website or contact us and see how Burchard & Associates can help you.

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