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Job Hunting During the Holidays

For all the beautiful decorations and soft, white snow, the holiday season can be frustrating. Maybe your in-laws are coming for the long weekend or you’re working until midnight on Christmas Eve with the boss breathing down your neck. Even more frustrating, however, is spending the holidays wondering how to deal with the pressure and stress of job searching. And although it’s the perfect opportunity to unwind from the stress, it’s also an ideal time to step up your efforts.

When searching and applying for jobs, you know you have to sell yourself and stand out from the other candidates. What better way to do that than embracing the holidays as a time to get personal and in front of employers? Below are a few ways to become top of mind when others are relaxing for the holidays.

Make Your Rounds. Unless there is a foot of snow on the ground, warm up your car and read up on free holiday events. Career coach Catherine Jewell stressed the importance of knowing which professional associations host free events for networking or social purposes. Create conversation with the right individuals, but don’t force your current situation on them—remain positive and engaging, and steer away from the sales tactics.

Make New Friends. The decision makers (hiring managers, HR reps, etc.) will naturally be more open and receptive during holidays. Take advantage of this by creating natural conversation with them—it’s not about the job, it’s about the relationship. The discussion about the job will come. Just know that as others are taking time off, you are putting in the extra time.

Make Use of Your Time. If you’re out of town for the holidays or are otherwise unable to get in touch with prospective employers, take that time to build up your credentials. Review and update your resume. Get active on LinkedIn—join groups, follow companies, and connect with past contacts you haven’t heard from in a while. Again, timing can be everything—and if you are consistently interacting with individuals, you never know when the perfect opportunity may come along!

What are some other ways you can stay top of mind during the holiday season?

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