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How to Avoid Employment: 4 Costly Interview Mistakes

Each week we try to provide some of the most relevant and timely tips, news and insight about small business, interviewing, job searching, the CPA exam, and more. Being a staffing and recruiting firm for finance and accounting, we are able to share our experiences and knowledge across a few different industries.

But one thing every industry has in common is the need to interview for a job. So why not discuss a few interview tips that are applicable to every industry? There are always lists of things to do if you want to scare off your prospective employer. That’s right—if you do not want the job, here are four things you can try!

  • Don’t bother researching the company. They’re the ones asking the questions the whole time, right? Wrong! Preparation is critical for an interview, of course. But studying the company, its recent news and noteworthy accomplishments not only will impress your interviewer, but could often lead to natural discussion that puts you, the interviewee, at ease. The hardest thing to talk about is something you know nothing about.
  • Talk early, talk often. Remember that your interviewer’s day is full of meetings, interviews and more. When asked questions, respond with relevant answers. Don’t turn a simple question into a 15-minute monologue. If an answer turns into a back-and-forth conversation, certainly run with it, though!
  • Dress the way you think they dress. Dressing inappropriately will put you at a disadvantage before you even shake the interviewer’s hand. Don’t assume you know how the company’s dress code works. If you stand out because you’re wearing a suit, that’s not a bad thing. Again, it depends on the company—but you can only make one first impression, so be sure you make it count.
  • You made a lasting impression in the interview. You certainly may have left a great impression. But if you were the only one applying for the job, then you wouldn’t be interviewing, right? Stand out by sending a handwritten letter thanking them for the opportunity to interview. Even taking the time to send a personalized email can leave a positive impression. Often it’s what you do after the interview that can make you look your best.

Interview advice is not hard to come by. But these tips are always relevant because individuals continue to make these mistakes. What are other interview mistakes you have encountered or committed?

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