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Burchard and Becker: Tackling Continuing Professional Education With You

It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends.

We’re not talking about the newest iPhone or the fly sneakers that your friends are buying. No, we’re talking about something much less exciting to teenagers but much more important to you. We’re talking about business.

The finance and accounting industries are constantly developing and adapting to new standards and current business issues. Here at Burchard and Associates in St. Louis we understand how imperative it is to stay educated and on top of your industry’s ever-changing standards and information.

Passing the CPA or CFA exam is an extremely difficult challenge in and of itself, but passing it only means you have to remain focused and willing to continually adapt to and learn new changes. But don’t worry, finance and accounting professionals—the same company that has helped nearly a half million professionals advance their careers can do the same for you. And we have the discounts you need to see your training through.

Becker Review’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for accounting professionals keeps professionals ahead in the industry. Burchard and Associates not only offers substantial discounts on the CPA and CFA exams with Becker Review, but we also have a discount for the Continuing Professional Education. We are the only preferred provider in St. Louis for Becker Professional Education.

Becker’s CPE courses offer the most relevant and up-to-date information on industry issues. Their courses provide interactive materials, expert knowledge and streaming video to enhance and optimize your experience. Becker offers webcast or on-demand courses to adhere to your busy schedule.

As a St. Louis accounting and finance staffing and recruiting firm, we have witnessed many instances where individuals rush through the most common CPE courses to simply fulfill the CPE requirement and move on with their professional and personal lives.

But we encourage you to take these courses to enhance your value to your company. By taking CPE courses that align most closely with your firm or company’s business strategy or development plans, you reinforce yourself as a key asset to your firm. This could have a significant impact on your future as an employee of that firm.

Burchard and Associates wants to help you maintain your success. Contact us to get your discounted Becker CPE program and you’ll see firsthand how we make it easy for you!

Burchard & Associates provides a personal approach to accounting and tax recruitment for St. Louis and beyond. We are ready to listen to YOU.

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