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How to Prepare When You Hear Your Company is Downsizing

Downsizing. That can be a scary word for many people. The fear of losing your job can onset feelings of anxiety, guilt, and panic. If you’ve heard that your company is downsizing, it’s wise to being preparing yourself.

  1. Start changing how you and your family spend money. If in fact you do lose your job – you’ll have more of a financial cushion to fall back on.
    • Go out to eat less.
    • Put extra money from each paycheck into savings.
    • Find alternative entertainment ideas for the weekends.
    • Don’t purchase unnecessary items until you know the outcome of the downsizing.
  2. Begin working with a Recruiting Firm and exploring other career options.
    • Companies trust recruiting firms, like Burchard & Associates, Inc., to find the most qualified candidates suited for the position they wish to fill.
    • Talk to a recruiting firm about positions they have available or services they offer to increase your chances of landing your dream job.
    • Burchard & Associates, Inc. not only places qualified candidates in great jobs in finance and accounting, they offer the Becker Review at a reduced rate.
    • Think of recruiting firms as a “safe zone”. Instead of being thrown out into the wild on a job search, they stand by you throughout the process.
    • Burchard & Associates, Inc. is offering a Free Resume Review to those who share their thoughts about their most memorable interview experience on Burchard & Associates’ Facebook fan page..

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