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Are You All Ears? (part 1)

You’ve got drive, determination, you’re competitive, and you apply those attributes to all you do – that’s what has made you so successful.
When it comes to your job search sometimes it’s just best to take a step back and listen.

Guerilla Warfare
Whew. 40 resumes sent out in one day. The text book “To Whom It May Concern” streams across the top of each cover letter and you’ve made sure you’ve addressed all outgoing mail to “Human Resources” – you’re on the right track, right? Slow down and re-think this; how often do you immediately open mail addressed to “Current Resident”? Most of the time, that mail goes straight into the trash – as will your resume.

Time Well Spent…
If you’ve taken the time to perfect your resume and find jobs you’re qualified for, why not take a little more time and find out who will be receiving your resume? You want to ensure the right person is receiving your information – they’re more apt to read something addressed to them, something more personal.

When you’ve made it to the interview, just knowing the interviewer’s name isn’t enough. Research the company to gain insight that you can use in conversation during the interview. Ask insightful questions and let them talk to you.

Next week we’ll be sharing tactics on researching companies and questions to ask during an interview.

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