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How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Job Seekers

For many, looking for a career can be a full-time job in itself. Often times, it’s hard to know where to start, what resources to use, and what can make you stand out.

For those of you who never thought you’d be searching for a career again, take a deep breath – it can be stressful but with the right strategies you’ll be back on track.

Step 1:
Research the company that you are interested in.
Tell them how you can add value to their company by using key words that they’ve posted in the position descriptions, or elaborate on current programs they’re using; this can include solving problems they are having or adding to their successes.

Step 2:
Tailor your resume to the job for which you are applying.
If you are filling your resume with things that you have done, but have not adequately connected to the employer’s need, then you are missing a key opportunity to stand out in the crowd of candidates.

Step 3:
Be specific on your resume about your past job responsibilities.

Do not assume that the person reading your resume knows or understands your job or tasks.  Paint an exact picture.  Don’t abbreviate.

Be specific about how your performance or ideas have translated into company profitability or business results.

Step 4:
Hiring managers respond to attitude (both good and bad).
You may be getting frustrated in your job search, but everything about you has to make a good impression when you get the interview — including your attitude, a bad attitude can even translate on paper.  Be positive and engaging.

By following these tips and staying confident, it wont be long until you’re on your way to a new lucrative career.

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