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5 Reasons Your Job Search is Not Going Well

You’ve tried and tried and tried and it feels like you have applied for virtually every job on the market.  Why aren’t you getting any feedback?

Don’t stop searching.
Keep consistently searching for a job even when you think you may be close to an offer.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!  (Anything can happen – an internal candidate may be offered the job, company profitability may decrease the hiring budget, etc.)

Make personal contacts in addition to sending your resume.
You may have the best resume in the world, but it can get lost in a pile in the human resources department.  Network, network, network!

Many organizations hold luncheons every month, sign up for reminders and attend!  This is the perfect opportunity to chat with professionals in your career field and showcase your personality and knowledge.

It’s not the end of the world.
Be open to “Plan B”.  A lot of things have changed over the past year.
Your career path may need to be modified as well.  Be open and be creative.  When you’re searching online try searching slightly different career fields, you may be surprised to know that their qualifications are similar to your skills.

Searching for a job is a job.
If you are unemployed, spend plenty of time researching and working on getting employed, but this doesn’t mean sitting on the computer for eight hours a day.

Get out of your house and volunteer, go to business networking events, and become active in associations related to your field.  Make a name for yourself in the community.

You never know where and when you may meet your next employer.
Besides, being around people will make you feel better and more connected.

Re-evaluate your tactics.
You may not be sending your resume to the right companies.  Be creative.

Research 10 companies that you would like to work for and that you think would find your unique background or industry experience very applicable.

Find out the name of the person that you feel would be your supervisor at that company or would be making the hiring decision EVEN IF THERE IS NO ADVERTISED JOB OPENING.  Send your resume and cover letter. This shows initiative, and your resume will be in the forefront of their minds when a position opens.

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