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4 Deadly Networking Mistakes

Several opportunities will arise throughout your job search for you to network with professionals in your career field. Take advantage of these opportunities to advance in your career.

1. You don’t go because you think you don’t know anyone.
Chances are, not everyone at the event knows each other.  You won’t be the only one.  Just relax and remember that most everyone is there for the same reason – to network.

2. You don’t know how to introduce yourself.
These are professional events, carry yourself as such – be genuine.  Introduce yourself (first and last name), shake their hand, and use their name when you leave the conversation to help yourself remember, “It was nice meeting you, Ronda.”

3. You don’t know how to work a room.
When you’re at a networking event, do not stand in the same place and wait for people to come to you.  Sometimes, employers attend these events to look for potential candidates; this is your opportunity to show them what you are really made of.

4. You sound negative about the people or companies for which you have worked.
Your first impression should be a positive one.  If you speak negatively of your former employer, companies may think you’ll speak just as bad about their company if you leave.

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