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How to Make Your Company Stand Out in the Crowd of Job Seekers

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your company has the most qualified and reliable employees.  How can you make certain that those candidates apply to your company, and not your competitors’?

Your company is stable.
In turbulent times people crave stability.  How does your company provide that?  Be sure to point out longevity of the company, profitability, and low turnover.

Ensure the applicant will have a career path.
Many people feel their career path has been derailed.  Show how this job opening provides a career path and how the company cultivates its employees.

Your company provides unique benefits.
What does your company offer in addition to the standard health insurance, 2 week vacation, 401K?
Perhaps you’ve got an outstanding maternity/paternity leave policy.  Maybe it’s something as simple as giving employees the day off on their birthday or ice cream for everyone on Fridays.  People respond to thoughtful ideas that don’t have to cost a lot to build morale and employee loyalty.

Your company provides transparent communication.
Maybe your company is facing challenging times and has had to take cost-cutting measures.  Regularly update employees on the company results and let them feel they are part of a team to build profitability and results; word will travel in your community about how the company executive management treats the employees.  If you can build loyalty in tough times, your company will be much stronger during good economic conditions.

Your expectations are clearly set.
Most job seekers never hear a word from companies after they have sent a resume for a specific position.  Give job seekers a response either way and let them know the process and timing for filling the position.
If you are working with recruiters, either retain a trusted firm OR narrow it to only two or three agencies.

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